Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've Got Friends in Cheesy Places

Trish the Dish is my best friend.
(photo not of Trish the Dish, who likes to remain anonymous, but of Claudette Colbert who I think Trish bears a striking resemblance to)

About seven years ago we met.

Eager for a clean slate from an awkward Freshman year, I moved into what was then, arguably, the coolest dorm on the college campus. How many other dorms had a purportedly "haunted north wing?" Only one, by golly, and that was the one where I would live.

I once again tossed my name into the random roommate draw and ended up with (again) a rather incompatible roommate. Fortunately, about two doors down the hall from me was Trish the Dish.

When we met, she looked a lot different than she does now. She wore her hair in a pixie cut, with highlights. She was looking for someone in the mood to wander the dorm and check out the boys. I said I was game, and the rest is history.

I am not going to say our frienship was always smooth sailing; but over the years the good times and friendship have prevailed. I don't know anyone who is more brilliant, witty, beautiful and kind-hearted than Trish, or anyone's whose opinion I respect more than hers. She is the matron of honor kind of friend; the godmother to your child kind of friend; the Red Hat Society kind of friend; the retirement home kind of friend; the friend you want in your life forever.

When I feel crappy about life, I will try to read this blog and remind myself how lucky I am to have found THAT kind of friend.


Colossus Prime said...

You know, this actually helps me not worry about you as much as I usually do. Though I still feel bad that the way my life has gone has caused distance in our friendship to grow.

trish said...

Great post. Of course, I am a bit biased. Right back at you.