Thursday, October 4, 2007

No One Reads This Blog

Trish, besides you my visitors are few and far between. Why do you blog? Why do I blog? Why do we blog? I think it is time to go home and go for a walk.


trish said...

I think you are looking at blogging the wrong way. I don't look at it as a commercial enterprise or a platform by which I will be able to make my voice heard by the masses. Rather, I use it as a cathartic release of all the information that would end up in multiple redundant e-mails to friends relaying the same incident, but slightly tweaked for various audiences. I blog because it is an online journal that I can use to update friends and the occasional misled Dishnetwork subscriber. I blog so that I can get my frustrations out in a journal that I know will be read by others (however few they might be) so I am accutely aware that my words will be shared and I will never have the shocking realization that, oh my god, my journal has been lost somewhere, all my innermost bitchy thoughts will be read by someone I don't know, or worse, someone I do know. Through this medium, I know that my bitchy thoughts have been released into the world and I take full responsibility for what I write. I have no excuses.

Brittan said...

i read this blog! in fact, i am posting a link to it on my own blog right now.
besides, what trish said is *right on*