Sunday, March 29, 2009

decisions, decisions

Last August I made some life-altering decisions.

I confronted fears, I said goodbye and I cried.

Decisions are hard to make - and always involve taking a chance - even when it is not obvious.

I knew I was taking a chance. After I took that chance, there was a period of adjustment, things were better than I expected; and then worse than anticipated.

Now, I am living with the decisions that I made and the good and the bad that go with them.

This is life.

I am not sure whether it's more simple than we want to admit, or really complicated.

In any case, a lot has changed in my life in eight months: My job, my home, my outlook.

My goals are more clearly defined, my dreams better articulated and my vision of myself a little less murky.

I am coming to terms with being a grown-up and a human being and that scary thing called "making a decision."

Although sometimes we may struggle with decisions - and even postpone making them - in reality we are lucky that we have the opportunity.