Thursday, September 27, 2007

Way To Go, “Village”

I am a college graduate with a four year degree.

I have four years of "real life" experience under my belt and I have not even begun to put a dent in the $14,100 consolidated loans that must be repaid. And for what?

What they don't tell you in college is that degrees in or relating to communication/english/language are a joke -- why? Because EVERY SINGLE FIELD and INDUSTRY EXPECTS and DEMANDS ALL of their potential employees have these skills. So why would you give a degree for such a *specialty? I have absolutely NOTHING to offer any potential employers, Thank You St. Cloud State. And Thank you to all of my professors and advisors who were nothing more than enablers - encouraging me to a pursue a career path that I suspect they KNEW could only eventually end with a crash and a burn.

Why didn't someone tell me, "Sheesh kid, you are interested in animals, maybe you could become a veterinarian? You'll get used to cutting animals open." OR "Math may be really hard for you, but if you put in three hours a day studying it, eventually you will get it and you can have any career you want!"

Thanks EVERYONE for serving only to perpetuate a false reality. That writers are wanted or even possibly NEEDED in this world workforce. It is a bold-faced lie. Thanks for helping me amount to nothing during the easiest years of my life and leaving me alone, to clean up the MESS of it NOW, when I have no money, no support system, no worthwhile education, and no direction. What I DO have is health insurance that SUCKS, and an insurmountable debt load.

If college is a joke, then I am the butt of it.

I am going to be dependent on my parents forever. SORRY MOM AND DAD.

Some "grownup."

Way to go “village” … You sure raised THIS kid right.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Smalltown Weddings vs. Big City Weddings

I left Smalltown this weekend to go to a wedding. It was one of the only weddings I have attended that was beyond a 25 mile-radius of Smalltown, and did not start with a mass at Smalltown Church and end with a reception at the Smalltown community center/reception hall/intramural sports facility.

This was a “sophisticated, city folks” wedding. I had to drive over an hour to get there and after I did, I noticed some distinct differences between weddings “out in the country” and those in the Big City:

10. The groom was smiling all day and the bride didn’t look like a deer caught in the headlights.

9. After the church service, the bridal party did not ride through town on a tractor-pulled hay wagon.

8, The bride and groom did not go to a bar before showing up late to the reception

7. At the reception near the card/gift table, there was no sign informing attendees that “in lieu of thank you notes” the money that would have been wasted on cards, envelopes and stamps will be donated to an unnamed “local charity.”

6. They didn't once play songs like “Find Me A Redneck Girl”

5. There was a toast; it involved real sentences with subjects, verbs and some adjectives and lasted more than a half a minute.

4. There wasn’t a fight in the parking lot after the reception was over.

3. None of the bridesmaids flashed anyone – even as the night wore on.

2. No men relieved themselves outside on the side of the building.

1. The bride and groom didn't have their OWN children play the parts of flower girl and ring bearer.