Thursday, September 27, 2007

Way To Go, “Village”

I am a college graduate with a four year degree.

I have four years of "real life" experience under my belt and I have not even begun to put a dent in the $14,100 consolidated loans that must be repaid. And for what?

What they don't tell you in college is that degrees in or relating to communication/english/language are a joke -- why? Because EVERY SINGLE FIELD and INDUSTRY EXPECTS and DEMANDS ALL of their potential employees have these skills. So why would you give a degree for such a *specialty? I have absolutely NOTHING to offer any potential employers, Thank You St. Cloud State. And Thank you to all of my professors and advisors who were nothing more than enablers - encouraging me to a pursue a career path that I suspect they KNEW could only eventually end with a crash and a burn.

Why didn't someone tell me, "Sheesh kid, you are interested in animals, maybe you could become a veterinarian? You'll get used to cutting animals open." OR "Math may be really hard for you, but if you put in three hours a day studying it, eventually you will get it and you can have any career you want!"

Thanks EVERYONE for serving only to perpetuate a false reality. That writers are wanted or even possibly NEEDED in this world workforce. It is a bold-faced lie. Thanks for helping me amount to nothing during the easiest years of my life and leaving me alone, to clean up the MESS of it NOW, when I have no money, no support system, no worthwhile education, and no direction. What I DO have is health insurance that SUCKS, and an insurmountable debt load.

If college is a joke, then I am the butt of it.

I am going to be dependent on my parents forever. SORRY MOM AND DAD.

Some "grownup."

Way to go “village” … You sure raised THIS kid right.


trish said...

Hello Ms. Poo-face Negativity. I am positive that your post is misguided and that it is your frustration speaking. Your skillset is not possessed by all job seekers, I can assure you of that. Being in the position where I am currently interviewing a myriad of PhDs and individuals with other advanced degrees and very few of them have proficiencies that you have. What I can say is that the job market sucks, plain and simple. WI is actually listed on MSN Jobs as one of the 10 worst states to find a job due to the high number of job seekers. You must wait for the baby boomers to retire, as must we all. Keep your chin up and cut yourself a little more slack. No support system my ass.

Ms. Jane said...

Trish is right. I am Ms. Poo-face Negativity in this blog! Sorry! I am almost done throwing pity parties for myself.