Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Sleep with Dogs

Sleeping with the dog has been an acceptable practice because I don't like sleeping alone and the dog can be a source of free warmth. Normally we sleep on the couch, because it is near the TV, and the TV is always on, making us feel far less alone, and perhaps providing the added benefit of misleading our creepy neighbors to believe we always have company and should not be disturbed.

I recently decided that sleeping on the couch is silly and a waste of a perfectly nice and comfortable bed, although it is in a room I never deigned to enter, except to find clothes. Overnight it has been transformed into the epicenter of the "household" universe.

The first night was most unpleasant.

On a typical night spent on the couch, Ella curls into a furry ball in the crook of my knees. On the first night in "our" bed (in a very long time) Ella slept with her head always on my stomach. Very uncomfortable. In her defense, I couldn't sleep anyway, so it probably wouldn't have made a very big difference.

In addition, there was something else about the arrangement that didn't feel right.

Last night, I pointed the head of the bed opposite the TV and brought Ella's little "doggy bed" into the room, so if I kicked her out of the "people bed," she would have someplace to sleep. I was fully prepared to boot her out of said "people bed" if necessary, as much as I longed for the company. It turned out I didn't have to: Ella slept at my side and kept her appendages a safe and comfortable distance from mine.

What will tonight bring? Will I have a pleasant night's sleep or will the dog? Oh the great mysteries of life...we will just have to wait and see....