Sunday, January 6, 2008

Notes on Being a "Journalist"

I don't always feel it is appropriate to call myself a "journalist." This is because for the past two years I have been writing about cows, farmers, agriculture, dairy princesses and related topics. The degree I earned in college, however, declares that I am, in fact, a journalist. Still, to me, the title seems to suggest an occupation with a higher purpose than describing milk parlors or farm implements.

Still, writing about these things comes with its own challenges.


trish said...

Keep in mind that to your audience, your writing does serve a high purpose. You are a "journalist" to the people whom your stories affect. You are a journalist to anyone having the opportunity to read your work. You may not feel that way in regard to some of your colleagues at newspapers/magazines with a larger circulation, but you are a journalist nonetheless. If you don't believe me, just ask one of your numerous readers.

Colossus Prime said...

You've won an award. Think of the thousands of other journalists who've never done that.