Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Damn Pores

For Christmas my sister gave me a new make up product called "Bare Minerals." While the product DOES seem to work pretty well (I still feel kind of exposed without my tried and true caked on compressed poweder, foundation and three different kinds of concealers) it has brought something to my attention that I hadn't given much thought since the angst-ridden years of my adolescence.

My pores are as numerous as the stars, and some as big as black holes! Even AFTER the blemishes clear (as promised by the Bare Minerals, and as appears to be happening in my reality) I must enter a NEW level of self-criticism. Why doesn't my face look as airbrushed as those featured on the instructional DVD? I swirl, I tap, I buff.

Although I am grateful to not have as many blemishes as I have had previously, it was easy to blame my imperfect skin on them. Now that they are GONE, I realize my skin is STILL imperfect. It has all of these tiny little pin-prick-sized or bigger HOLES just waiting to gobble up oil and dirt. Oh YUCK. I will just try to be happy that my skin is still healthier, even if it does look like the moon’s surface.


trish said...

I have pores. You have pores. We all have pores. It is not something to be upset about - my biggest skin issue is my pores. I think you can expect them to be an issue unless you get regular facials and spend extravagant amounts of money on high-priced beauty treatments. Blame genetics. Blame the environmental pollutants. Whomever you blame, you will still have pores.

Anonymous said...

No fears Kubi!
Almost everybody has large pores and the things that supposedly reduce their sizes really don't work.. (kind of like some pills to increase others, ha ha)I've been using this Biore pore shrinking garbage that hasn't shrunk anything except for my belief in the effectiveness of the product. We all have areas that have pores you could swear have their own solar systems and galaxies. I'm glad to know that you are enjoying the Christmas gift and that it has been making a difference! Yaye! (ha ha, the pores are one reason I will never use the magnifying side of any mirror - ha ha) Just focus on the good for awhile and worry about the pores at a later date. Don't you deserve at least that much temporary happiness??

tbm said...

I agree with Trish. At least now they are unclogged pores!