Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the list

• Make appointments
1. OBGYN for annual
2. Physical
3. Dentist
4. Vision - could be spend-y, need more contacts AND glasses
5. Veterinarian - for Ella, not for me

• Investigate possibility of loan deferment

• !! Finish assignment ON A DEADLINE!

• !! Start thinking about wine fundraiser for orchestra. ON A DEADLINE!

• Sort papers

• Sell futon

• Collect gently used and infrequently worn clothes for Goodwill

• Assess cord collections - what can be pitched?

• Sell books

• Drop off laptop with TWO so he can rebuild/fix

• Clean up photo collection

• Get used to the idea that this summer I need to go to the home of TBM & TWO to address any of my belongings that are lingering there.

After completing these tasks I can feel thoroughly accomplished and streamlined.