Thursday, April 15, 2010

Y is a very good question

I ventured over to one of the two local YMCAs today to see what they have to offer. The last time I'd visited a Y was when I was in fifth or sixth grade so it's been a while.

A discounted membership at the Y is one of the few perks my employer affords so I thought I better at least check it out. It would be about $16/month cheaper than my current gym membership.

Meeting me at the check in desk was a very nice woman named Sheila. She gave me an abbreviated tour of the facility. I told her I didn't have children, so she need not educate me about all of the kid-friendly amenities the Y offers.

As we navigated the maze of gyms, studios, and locker rooms, I imagine my disdain was palpable as I bore witness to as assortment of conduct violations -- a pint-sized Y-member darting down a hallway, dripping chlorinated water all over the floors, some t'ween members assaulting a vending machine in a lobby area -- surely this was not civilized society.

I shuddered.

Picking up on my discomfort, the kind woman said:

"Perhaps you'd be interested in the other location," she said. "It's adult only."

I'll check that one out tomorrow.