Thursday, January 28, 2010

GI Tract Day 1

Fell off the wagon around 8 p.m. Felt like crap.

I think I am getting a cold and this is no time to worry about a flat belly. I need fluids, and fruits and orange juice and hot chocolate.

Sorry GI Tract. You may have to wait until spring or summer to try to be happy. I am not convinced that ginger root/cucumber/lemon/mint water and starving are the way to a happier GI TRACT.

But I will try to punish you less with caffeine and diet coke. I promise.

I went the whole day only drinking one.


The Chameleon said...

I've read in several articles that these "cleansing" methods are really bad for you. Be super careful and I would actually get the advice of a physician before attempting it. I've heard of some really bad cases that friends have been through and friends of friends. Just cuz I care, please, be careful :)