Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Butter dish, the update

I need another "new" butter dish.

Perhaps made of plastic.

The second-hand glass butter dish I acquired earlier this spring met an unfortunate end last week

Presumably it was The Dog who knocked the butter dish off the counter Friday (it was during the 9 to 5 and there were no witnesses). When I came home after work, I discovered two monster glass shards on the living room floor, and smaller slivers in the kitchen.

The butter was no more.

The culpable party was without remorse, as is customary when these types of things happen and she (amazingly) survived the incident unscathed.

I, on the other hand, got a sneaky sliver of glass in my heel nearly five days later.

And so, the butter dish saga continues...


The Chameleon said...

That's like tonight when Victor and I were watching a movie. In the movie, there was a plane crash and an avalanche in the mountains, and AMAZINGLY everybody was unscathed (yes, i know its Hollywood, leave it alone). I joked to Victor, "Amazing how those people can be in a plane crash and avalanche and walk away without problems, but God forbid I take my dog to the park and my ankle gets creamed by the brat." Hehe... I wonder if the result is Rocky's "butter" too...